What leather jacket is my leather jacket?!

Welcome to our first blog, Hurrah! You’ll be treated to new jacket designs, the long awaited Indiana Jones jacket comparison, some 3D rotating images (getting all technical on you) and much much more. Have faith, we will succeed in blogging!


BUT first, we’re here to address a question. Some may think it’s important, some may think “what the hell go away” – but we are asked it at least 20 times a day. So you technically asked for it.

“I want a leather jacket but you have so many, what one should I get?” – says 8 out of 10 of our customers.

Hmm, well, we understand we are leather experts, so your question is valid but then again you are a stranger from the world of internet and what if you don’t like the feel of the ribbed cuff blouson jacket we suggest… We’ve never met you, we’d love to, but we’re playing guess-the-jacket here… So let’s try some questions instead…

Why do you want it?

Is it your first jacket? Is it your second? Do you own 20 and the other half in your life is going to kill you and block the “Wested Leather” site from your laptop? If you answer yes to the third, just slowly close the laptop, sell a jacket, then come back, we do not sell new girlfriends, boyfriends, wives, husbands or anything else of that agenda. We’ll consider selling you the company cat but we’ve become quite fond of her despite certain flaws.

kitten care

What do you want it for?

Did you see it on a film? Have you always wanted a leather jacket? Are you always moaning you’re cold but your friend who has a leather jacket is always warm? Is it a chuck on coat or a smart jacket? Is it for the summer or for the winter? Do you just want it because there’s a slim chance of the free kitten as posted above?

Once you’ve actually decided the what’s and the why’s you’ll arrive in a magical place of decision making where you’ll have more details, here’s an example;

“I’d like a leather jacket, but I don’t know what one to get. I’m average build and I really want it as a winter coat, I rarely wear anything long so I’m looking for more of a chuck on jacket, I like a slim fit too!”

Slim fit + winter jacket is a problem sometimes so if you asked us this we’d lead you don’t the path of the Racer jacket with quilted lining to keep you warm. If you hadn’t had said ‘slim fit’ we’d have led you towards the sheepskin (see how difficult it is!)

So how are you going to help me in this blog?

We’re not; we’re just here to point out the obvious.




Okay, fine we’ll help.

We’re going to walk you through some jacket designs, we used to do it on the Buying Guide, but we took that part down to make room for more leather commentary… Then we regretted deleting it because everyone asked where it went… Our bad. Here’s our most popular three (if the post helps you we’ll do more!)

Number #1

The Blouson

What’s the most famous blouson you’ve made?

Probably the “A View to a Kill” James Bond jacket, made out of suede with perforated leather panels, it was simple but complicated and a damn good film. We can mind read the”but you don’t sell it anymore” comments – the quick answer is because the leather was just too hard to source, in mission impossible style we really tried but we were defeated this time.


What’s the most famous blouson you sell then?

The Memphis Belle A2 Flight Jacket, but we actually sell the A2-B, the original for the movies was made with super skinny armholes, so it looked great on the slim/toned blokes on screen. However the guys couldn’t move too well in the jackets as they were so tight, this forced our hand a little bit when selling to the general public. Option A) sell a jacket customers may not be able to move in when wearing. Option B) keep the details, change the cut slightly. Turns out not being able to move in your £169 + jacket is a deal breaker, who knew?


Why is the blouson a blouson?

As all jacket styles, it’s defined by its cut. A blouson normally has a ribbed waist and ribbed cuffs, the ribbing is more often than not fabric rather than leather, sometimes they will even sport a ribbed collar. The idea was to stop the air travelling up the sleeve of the jacket etc when flying a plane (or nowadays, riding a bike), it was a jacket built for warmth and comfortability. The comfortability part comes in because the torso of the jacket is often baggy rather than slim fitting. Blouson Example.jpg

Why would the blouson be for me?

Well, it depends. If you get a lambskin blouson, like this – it’s going to be more of a summer jacket, to be worn in the winter if you wanted to but it’s not a jacket based around the idea of protection from the cold (or as the bikers say, protective against the concrete). If you get a cowhide or horsehide, like this it’s a winter jacket, or even a biker jacket. The main thing to keep in mind is this is a real casual jacket, if you’re transitioning from the hoodie to the jacket, it’s probably for you. The elasticated ribbing makes it seriously comfortable and the loose torso lets you layer up or layer down!

Number #2

The Box Jacket

What’s the most famous box jacket you’ve made?

SHOCK. HORROR. PLEASE STAY CALM. Guess what jacket is technically a box jacket… the Indiana Jones series. Now it’s not your classic box jacket, as it was made as a hybrid to taper slightly to Harrison Ford’s big shouldered, small waist figure but when the chips are down and the design is on paper, it does look a little boxy, don’t you think?


What’s the most famous box jacket you sell then?

Indiana Jones wins round 2 of the box jacket questions but as to not bore you we’ll talk about a different box jacket….. *struggles to think of a jacket even close to the indy*. Well, technically speaking the “Supernatural” style jacket is more of a classic box jacket, just to be clear, it’s a replica not an original. It sits as a straight cut, and like the indy, you can see a clear box shape, it’s more prominent than the indy though, the coat is quite literally made out of rectangle panels.


Why is the box jacket a box jacket?

… Because it’s a box. We’re only slightly joking here, it really did get its name from its boxy shape, it basically means it’s a straight cut and not overly tapered. Take the Indy for example, it is a hybrid jacket so it doesn’t fall directly  in the box jacket category, but it is a box cut with action pleats, the action pleats cause it to taper… Below is what we’d call a classic box cut.

Box Jacket

Why would the box jacket be for me?

The brilliant thing about the box jacket is that anyone can wear one, they’re pretty much universal when it comes to weather. They’re universal fit too, it really is an all-round jacket cut. If it’s your first jacket, get a box cut, if you’re looking for a jacket to be your every day companion, get a box cut. Basically, get a box jacket.

There’s plenty to chose from, you’ve got long ones, and short ones and quite a few sale ones.

Number #3

The Racer

What’s the most famous Racer jacket you’ve made?

Daniel Craig. Layer Cake. Sorry, not an original. There’s a couple of James Bond’s we could drag up but alas, we’ve already given you one and we’re not giving you everything on the first blog post…. jheeze. The main thing about a Racer is it’s a slim fit, no if’s, no but’s, it’s a truth slim fitting jacket.


What’s the most famous Racer jacket you sell then?

Forgive us, our best selling racer is not famous, it’s a Wested own. The “Firenze” jacket steals it, it’s classic cut, it’s a slim fit, it’s made out of Italian Lambskin, it’s made in England, it’s just perfect. You’ve got others like the Classic Racers, Lethal Weapon etc but the “Firenze” definitely wins when it comes to OUR most famous.


Why is the Racer jacket a Racer jacket?

A Racer jacket is a fashion jacket, it’s the jacket you see at least once in every car film ever made and for some reason when you think Racer jacket you think Italian. The slim tapered fit, including tapered arms is key to a Racer jacket, often it comes with a sleek stand up collar but this doesn’t necessary define a Racer.


Why would the Racer jacket be for me?

If you’re looking for a hardcore winter jacket, this is not the one for you unless you go down the quilted lining route. A Racer jacket is more of a fashion jacket, it’s relatively warm but at the end of the day it was built for style. They are usually made in lightweight skins to be able to keep the tight fit. If you’re after a slim fitting jacket, a light weather jacket or just a fashion jacket then stick with the Racer cut. We’ve got classics, we’ve got filmwear and we’ve got the beautiful Firenze – all in the Racer cut.

1, 2, 3, and it’s all over folks.

Hopefully it helped, if not, the pictures must have softened the blow?

Coming soon….

Raiders VS Hero Comparison


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  1. curt says:


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    1. We’re aiming for a post every two weeks!


  2. Nige Silvestri says:

    This is an excellent idea – I’ve learnt stuff already! Looking forward to your next blog. I’ve worked out that I’ve had ten jackets from you in ten years – one jacket per year is not bad going!

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    1. The new one will be released at 5.30pm!


  3. Kimbo says:

    Brilliant blog,really made me smile,thanks all

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