The Most Frequently Asked Questions

We get it.

It’s confusing ordering a leather jacket.

So many options…

So many measurements…

Do you want top grain?

What on earth is top grain?

Can’t we just all be happy, simple, leather jacket owning people?


So we’re going to run over a couple of frequently asked questions; a.k.a FAQs.

A lot of them will be about the Hero, some will be general questions. ALL of them are valid questions, ALL of them have been asked by a customer but SOME of them are a little funny because the way the question was phrased….

This will help.

(This will also be mildly funny.)

Here we go… Let’s start with one of my favourites:

1) “Do you shrink the Shrunken Lambskin in the washing machine? Is it pre-shrunk or do you put a special coat on it so I shrink it myself?”

Don’t laugh because Shrunken Lambskin always puzzles people so it is a good question, albeit badly phrased.

Shrunken lambskin is actually shrunk, we JUST buy the skin so we don’t do any of the shrinking (neither do you). The process is pretty simple, they make it like normal lambskin and then put it in a machine that shrinks it – we don’t know anymore details but I can assure you someone doesn’t sit there putting lambs in their commercial washing machine.

sheep washing machine

It’s worth noting that Shrunken Lambskin is our most popular skin, it’s the closest to the original Raiders of the Lost Ark skin. It varies in colour and is considered an “inconsistent” skin, a.k.a. no bundle is the same as the next.

See below to see the variety of colours/textures Shrunken Lambskin comes in (and no, you can’t chose which one you have on your jacket, there’s TOO many varieties, FOUR below)

shrunken lamb

2) “Can’t I just have a shorter shoulder length on the Hero jacket so it fits better?”

A question asked daily.

No, because that’s what we did to get the Raiders fit (and a couple of other things), so just order the Raiders.

Use special requests such as: silver zip, no facing, scalloped hero pockets, get gussets and choose buckle and x box stitch. If you put these special requests on a Raiders jacket, you’ve got the best of both world’s, close in accuracy to the Hero BUT a GOOD fit! For those of you who are slim or just not broad, this is always going to be the option we suggest for you.

We do not accept shoulder measurements on the Hero. (If you didn’t read the blog before stating the reasons then go here)

3) “My chest measures 44″ but what size chest should I order?”

This seems like a ridiculous question but it is such a good one!

The answers pretty simple – order a size 44. We make the jackets to fit your chest size, so our size 44″ was made with someone who measures a 44″ chest in mind. We add the room so you can put a jumper under your jacket and move happily without feeling like you’re in a straight jacket.

There’s enough room in our jackets to be able to move if you do order the size down but you might not be comfy, we don’t advise it. We try our best to put in the description of the item how a jackets going to fit.

If you are getting a tightness under the armhole or the leather is gathering there  in your current jacket, guess what?

It’s too small for you.

Hands up in the back oh guilty one.

too small, hands up.gif

p.s. please read the description of the product before buying.

4) “Is the lambskin actually lambskin?”

I would average getting asked this about once every 2 days…

…Others may average more.

We love you guys.

Often it’s easy to forget that we work with leather day in day out and often it’s easy to forget that leather is actually made out of an animal.

When you ask this you may get a strange look or a pause but it’s not the first time we’ve been asked and it will not be the last time either, so what’s the answer?

No, our lambskin is made out of rare dwarf unicorns.

Okay, no it’s not but you can’t blame us for that one.

Our lambskin is made out of lambskin, yes, the fluffy thing that goes “bah” in the fields, the same place your lamb chop came from. We have nothing to do with how the leather is made but tend to go with leather factories that have used English lambs to make their leather, it’s a better quality material.

…But is it actually lambskin, and cowhide is cow, and horsehide is horse. If it’s just called “hide” there’s a 99% chance it’s cow, but just ask.

We do have a leather guide and a buying guide, so if you’re curious on leather head on over to them – they’ll open a new tab so you can read on later.


Let’s not bat around the bush we ARE a small company, we really are.

Sometimes the person who’s designing the specs for a jacket is the same person who’s serving the guy who wants a leather belt in shop but can’t decide which one and really needs your help because if it’s not the right belt his wife is going to kill him… and BOOM that’s an hour gone that was “booked” to look into jacket design.

Sometimes it’s all hands on deck and the shop is swarming so we end up with a days delay on everything, it’s just how things go in smaller companies BUT we always keep you updated. So here’s your update so you can stop asking us:

  1. Spectre – The London Jacket – it’s ready. Release will be within the next week. Woohoo.
  2. The Crusade Hero – waiting on the pattern, *so a slight delay.
  3. Han Solo – sketches have been drawn, we’re trying but there’s no release date.


Hope this helps.

We know it’s a short one!

What’s the next blog?

Option 1) 30 pictures of Lily the cat, captioned by the Wested staff

Option 2) Full Spectre jacket review with extra photos and videos

Option 3) X-men comparrison blog

Option 4) Opinions on Indy 5

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