The Emotional Experience of Leather Jacket Buying

Here we go again, the useful Wested blog you all know and love!

Originally we were going to April Fool’s you all and post something like this:

April Goold

But the boss was all like “YOU’RE GOING TO GIVE THEM A HEART ATTACK”…

…Plus we have a couple of regular visitors on our social media so we’d probably be getting apologetic phone calls.

The Marketing team tried to sell it as “if the joke goes wrong, at least we might grab some sympathy orders”.

At that moment some people in the factory laughed (a lot) and others stared angrily and muttered for us not to be *rude words* to our lovely customers.


Lily the cat just wanted someone to feed her and for the humans to be quiet.

So now, you can all sigh with relief as we’re just doing a blog about buying a leather jacket in general, and the common stages we see in our customers.

Whats the aim of it?

To help you with your buying journey and to make you laugh.

Stage 1) 

Finding your leather shop.

They’re not common these days so usually stage 1 consists of, stumbling onto acting like a kid in a candy store. Emailing us about how great the website is and all the choices and there’s lot of leather and wow look at the leather, omg did you see that jacket, do you have that jacket, do you think that jacket will look nice on me, I really want that jacket, I’m sorry I sent you 10 emails in the space of 5 minutes.

You’ve not even realised we’re a costumers yet and you could be getting a jacket with the original pattern from one of your favourite films…


Stage 2) 

The calm after the storm.

You realise that a leather jacket is a big investment and you’re worried about getting the wrong size, the wrong skin, the return policy. We KNOW there’s a lot of information to take in on the website, so here’s a quick over-view:

What if I get the wrong size?

That’s cool, if it’s your first time buying a leather jacket then stick with the standard sizing. Anything that’s a standard size (whether it’s made to order or not) can be changed for a new size free of charge.

Take a look at our measurement guide too.

What about returns? What if I hate it?

Well, you won’t…

…But if you do you can send it back for a refund, we don’t refund postage!

What about the wrong skin?

It’s pretty hard to get the wrong skin but we do have a leather guide and a buying guide to help.

For the basics, lambskin is a lightweight skin – it’s also super soft, goatskin is lightweight but super durable, cowhide is medium weight and a little bit stiff to start with, horse hide is HEAVY and stiff so maybe not for the weak hearted.

Our favourites when it comes to skin?

Authentic Lambskin for the smart/casual lightweight jacket

Authentic Lambskin

Heavy Duty Pre-distressed Lambskin for the casual “all year round” jacket

Heavy Duty Lamb.jpg

Copper Novapelle (or Dark Brown) for the antique, soft heavyweight jacket

Copper Novapelle

Stage 3) 


Go forth young Jedi.

Carefully go over your details, the jacket details and the payment details.

This is an occasion where details really matter as after 24 hours we can opt to refuse to change your jacket. Normally if it’s a custom made we’ve put it into the cutting room by the 24 hour mark which means changes = making a new jacket.

Don’t rush your order, we don’t want an email 10 minutes after saying you actually wanted a 36″ Black Horse Hide Memphis Belle jacket instead of the Dr Who in Brown Cowhide in a Size 50″.

If you’re confused, hold off on ordering and email us (or call us)

Be good to us, we’ll be good to you.

Harrison Ford.gif

 Stage 4)


It’s been one hour.

“Why has my jacket status not done anything.”


Order Form

Stage 5)

“Woohoo! My order is processing.”

Educational point: Our orders take 24 hours to process when they’re placed, no orders are processed on the weekend. You would have still got a pending email confirming your order! If you didn’t get that part then check your spam folder – if no still, email us.

Stage 6)

“I ordered a custom made but it’s been 5 days and my order still says processing!!”

Whatever you do, don’t do this:


Custom made jackets take 14 – 21 working days to make.

Working days does NOT include weekends, we spend weekend hunting for unicorn leather… errr.. yeah sure, totally not down the pub.

…As for why your order hasn’t changed from “processing”, that’s because our order system goes like this:

  1. Pending : when you’ve first made the order.
  2. Processing: when we’ve seen the order and processed it to the correct tailor
  3. Dispatched: when it’s on it’s way to you via one of our couriers
  4. Marketing Email: about a month after asking for a review

Stage 7)

It’s around 14 – 21 working days later and it has been dispatched!

With the United Kingdom this part goes so well, it’s next day delivery, before the customer has even had a change to check their tracking, they’ve got the package on the door.

Plus, they get the courier, INTERLINK.

Interlink promote stalking so you can actually follow your delivery driver using an app on their website to find out what number delivery you are and where they roughly are at this moment in time – it also gives you the delivery drivers name.

Perfect for those of you who love to stalk random delivery drivers… not at all creepy or scary…


Kidding – we love you guys really Interlink! Good job!!

As for DHL – equally as good but without the stalker applications, which admittedly the USA would really love!

…But DHL can be a bit troublesome (any courier can be)

Please wait a couple of days and keep an eye on the tracking.

Sometimes an item will get stuck in customs but don’t panic, they normally clear it once they’ve read the paperwork.

You can always call DHL if you’re worried – you can call us too but we’ll only call DHL on your behalf so we’re not going to sugar-coat that it’s faster if you do it. Plus, we’re not from the USA so if the driver is lost we sit on the phone like:

Us: “So I’ve googled the street and it says it’s by Blah Blah Blah Road”

Driver: “Oh, near the starbucks?”

Us: “Google says there’s like 4 starbucks in the area…”

Driver: “Okay, still can’t find it – what does the building look like?”

Us: “Google Maps doesn’t tell us that part, I’m guessing it’s got a number…”

Driver: “A number or a letter or is it apartment? Is there a gate? Gate code?”

Us: “Um…”

Driver: “Idiots”


Yup, we don’t know how to get to your house, our service isn’t THAT good yet.















Stage 9)

Send us a happy email, a lovely product review and a picture for us to share #westedleather

Stage 10)

Live a happy life with your true love, Sir Leather Jacket.

(Get a new lining in 10 years when you’ve destroyed it)

And they all lived happily ever after..

*Imagine it’s a jacket not a shoe*

great fit.gif

So that’s it, the panicky stages nearly every customer goes through.

We still think that bullying you all with April Fools cruelty was the better blog…

But alas, you got niceness.

Hope you enjoyed it!

The next blog will be posted in 2 weeks time.

It will be a full coverage of the new Spectre jacket, so it might be less useless!

Ta Ta for now!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Nige Silvestri says:

    This is an excellent blog – I laughed so hard I nearly split my Raiders jacket (which I sleep in, obviously – how did you know??!)

    I now have Bonnie Tyler running around in my head, singing ‘I Need A Hero’, which I patently do not!

    Looking forward to the next posting and remember, a leather jacket that isn’t Wested is wasted!


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