The battle of the Standards: Raiders vs Crusade

Round two in the world of jacket vs jacket


In one corner we have the heavy weight (or light weight if you’re ordering lamb) RAIDERS jacket!

In the other corner we have… wait isn’t that the same jacket but with studs?

It’s not. It’s a Crusade.

…But if we had a pound for every time someone asked us what the difference is….


So, today we’re going to educate the world on our STANDARD Raiders jacker vs our STANDARD Crusade jacket.

(Just to be clear that means there will be no mention of any kind of Hero jacket)

“But you put a link to the Hero?”

Um… subtle promotions? *cough* buy something *cough*


As per the previous comparison blog (click here to see it) we will be comparing two of our jackets.

The comparison itself will be kept relatively short and we’ll try our best to keep the funny to a minimum, it’s just a natural flaw we’re really trying to work on…


If you’re a confused person, you’re in the right place. If you’re a curious person, you’re in the right place. If you’re looking for funny memes about cats, you’re in the wrong place. This is a cat free event.

The Crusade jacket (known on the website as Last Crusade/Crystal Skull) and the Raiders jacket aren’t two worlds apart. They are standard fits so they are built off of the same size chart to fit the general public but there’s some key differences in appearances and in the fit that you might not notice in the photos shown on the website.

We will use two jackets for this post, both are made of Authentic Lambskin, both measure the following:

Size: 42″

Sleeve: 25″

Back: 26″

The only difference is one is a RAIDERS and one is a CRUSADE.

Let’s begin the educating!

Note: we are comparing OUR two jackets, NOT the movies.


The collars and the storm flap are the most eyecatching difference, for starters the CRUSADE has a brass press stud at the top and bottom of the press stud. The CRUSADE quite clearly has a bigger collar by nearly a whole inch too.

The thing you probably didn’t notice till you saw the close up pictures is how the collars sit differently. The RAIDERS is often thought to have a “wonky collar” because of the way it sits but the storm flap is actually ever so slightly smaller, and the top is rounded closer to the collar. The CRUSADE has a bigger storm flap (1/4″) and has a squared off top, this makes the collar sit more symmetrical.

Two things to note about the below pictures

  1. The colour is different between the Crusade and the Raiders because the sun went in – the Raiders pictures are the accurate colour of lambskin.
  2. The Crusade collar stud is actually NOT done up, it’s sitting like that naturally.

Raiders Collars

Last Crusade Crystal Skull Collars


If you’re an Indy fan, you know that all the pockets on the Indy styles are different, you also know WHY that is. Are we gonna tell you? No!

We’re comparing jackets not films, jheeze. Do something by yourself.

Just kidding, if you ask we’ll spill but this is a blog dedicated to our jackets so not here!

As you can see the RAIDERS pockets are ever so slightly smaller than the CRUSADE pockets, another thing you would have noticed in the pictures

*thinks to self that maybe clicking the blog was worth it*

Raiders Pockets


Last Crusade Crystal Skull Pockets


The shoulders are actually different sizes on the CRUSADE on the RAIDERS, I know I know it doesn’t state it on the website but those are approximate size charts.

We make these blogs to give the CLEARER picture of how the item fits.

The RAIDERS actually has a smaller shoulder, the CRUSADE shoulder is a “sloping” shoulder. This changes the fit and causes the Raiders to look like the more tailored jacket and the Crusade to fit bigger gentleman better due to the slight allowance.



See, so far, there’s not a horrific difference!

Just subtle things here and there…

Not as confusing as the Hero Vs Raiders aye?


Already onto the last thing?!

We were enjoying ourselves so much.

Maybe we can stall it out…







This way of typing is bound to lose us sales over it being pure annoying.

How about gif stalling?

Temple of Doom

*awaits someone to say we’re using a gif from the wrong film*


The actually sizing of the two jackets isn’t too different, besides the shoulders the only other thing that can come into the matter is the armholes. The CRUSADE has slightly bigger armholes, this can make the chest feel slightly roomier – it’s actually not! These two slight differences is what makes the RAIDERS the more tailored jacket of the two.


Don’t rule the CRUSADE out because it isn’t the slimmer fit. Bikers of the world and guys with broader shoulders should definitely go with the CRUSADE. The bigger armholes are better for movement and the fit in general is a great one. We have a lot of customers that come in with an idea of getting the RAIDERS but leave with the CRUSADE because they’ve felt a lot more comfortable with it. Not everyone wants a “smart jacket”.

Here’s some pictures to decide for yourself:

Crusade vs Raiders 1

Crusade vs Raiders 2

As a special bonus and to stall you further, we’re going to embarrass the people who sent customer photos into us and put some below!

*please note we’re not saying the pictures are standard jackets!!*


Raiders 1.jpg

Sent in via Instagram by @darkdreamer35

Raiders 2

Sent in via Instagram by @throwmethewhip


Sent in via Instagram via @captaincosplay (although he’s not actually the guy in the Raiders jacket, we still love the Han Solo gear)


Sent in via Instagram by @figure_london (and our favourite photo ever)


For some Crusades…


Sent in via instagram by @leedouglasbrown (an absolute pro at distressing!)


Sent in via instagram by @skyhopper2000


Sent in via Instagram by @yuji_corleone (authentic lambskin )


Sent in via Instagram by @tachikoma1000

And that’s it.

It’s all over…

…We’ll be back, don’t worry.

In the mean time here’s some links to get on with that purchase you so want to buy ASAP:

Last Crusade Standard (lamb as shown in the blog)

Last Crusade Custom Made

Raiders Standard (lamb as shown in the blog)

Raiders Custom Made


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  1. urobe says:

    nice comparison. raiders vs doom should be next!


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